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PG&E Assistance

The lighting retrofits — which cost tens of thousands of dollars – were paid for with help from PG&E’s On-Bill Financing program. The program allows for improvements without large outlays of cash; PG&E finances the projects and the interest-free loans are repaid through the customer’s monthly utility bills.

“There is an expense to make these changes… but, we can help offset these,” said Alan Goto, a senior customer relationship manager in PG&E’s energy solutions and services department. He said there are a variety of programs, incentives and rebates to help customers looking to make similar energy-saving changes.

Goto has been Lance-Kashian’s account manager for 20 years and shares a close relationship, often meeting with the developer or his representatives monthly. He said the company is setting an example for others with its energy-saving changes at high-profile sites. “River Park Shopping Center is one of the largest shopping centers in the Fresno area,” he said.

Sal Gonzales and Tracy Kashian of Lance-Kashian & Co, go over maps of several River Park-area developments where energy-efficient lighting will be installed. (Photo by Tracy Correa.)

FRESNO – Most people don’t usually think of environmental consciousness when they think of commercial construction, but for one of the Central Valley’s largest development companies, the two go hand-in-hand.

Lance-Kashian & Co. has set out to become one of the greenest development companies around. And PG&E is helping the company reach its full potential.
With help from PG&E programs, such as On-Bill Financing, the company retrofitted exterior lighting at two of its large commercial office complexes in north Fresno. Nearly 200 250-watt metal halide bulbs (and ballasts) have been swapped out for energy efficient UCD (ultra-constant discharge) Xenon lights. The 120-watt replacements are designed to save more than 55 percent in energy costs.